Materials Science Engineering Services

Our engineers have materials science engineering experience in concrete, roofing materials, and pavements, as well as property condition surveys. We have developed, implemented, and interpreted both destructive and nondestructive testing programs to evaluate conditions of such structures. This work is sometimes performed in preparation for litigation (i.e. identifying failure mechanisms and cauasation) and may be conincidental with our forensic engineering services.

Concrete testing employed in our materials science investigations may include:

  • pulse-velocity testing
  • magnetometer
  • Windsor probe
  • Schmidt hammer
  • sounding.

Pavement evaluation tools include:

  • falling weight deflectometer testing
  • pavement condition index (PCI) surveys
  • core assessment
  • asphalt properties.

Property condition surveys are often required by investment firms as part of multi-property portfolios/property transfers. These surveys routinely include a review of available plans, visual assessment and interviews with knowledgeable personnel in an attempt to identify "deal-killer" issues or negotiating points relative to the pending transfers. These surveys typically include a review of the roofing system, the building envelope waterproofing systems, site-civil systems, foundations/settlement, and pavement systems.