Geotechnical Engineering Services

Garvin Boward Beitko Engineering, Inc., offers consulting and construction-phase geotechnical engineering services. Our skilled engineers, geologists and technicians have extensive experience in, and an intimate understanding of, geologic features as they pertain to site development and structural interactions with soil and bedrock. Using state-of-the-art analytical methods/techniques, we evaluate potential subsurface effects for each project, including such conditions as: expansive minerals, landslide-prone strata, soft soils, mining, karstic geology, and a myriad of other concerns. Our breadth and depth of experience provides our clients with highly responsive service and expert recommendations. We have worked for a wide range of private and public clients, including local universities, municipalities, engineers and architects, providing geotechnical services tailored to project needs such as:

  • foundation investigations
  • slope stability analyses
  • landslide investigations/evaluations and mitigation/remediation studies
  • rock slope investigations/evaluations and mitigation/remediation studies
  • geologic reconnaissance studies
  • settlement evaluation and analysis
  • test boring inspection
  • geotechnical construction-phase testing/monitoring services
  • mine subsidence studies
  • retaining wall design, plans and specifications
  • test boring and field testing inspection
  • mining/subsidence studies and evaluations
  • blasting evaluations
  • karstic studies
  • groundwater analysis and control recommendations

These services have been rendered on a variety of projects, including: commercial, industrial and residential structure construction; large and small development sites; bridges; roadways and parking lots; rockfall protection systems; retaining walls; landslide and rockslide repair; municipal projects (including water/wastewater treatment plants); embankments/dams/levees; mine subsidence evaluation and remediation; groundwater analysis and control studies; railway bedding analysis/evaluation; and communication towers and pipelines among other projects. Project-speficic examples of our geotechnical experience can been reviewed on the Projects section of our website.

Please contact us with project-specific information to learn more about how we can help your team bring your project to completion expediently and economically.